Mrabti Mohamed Chabata Tunis Hammamet-Nefta-Drezden. no work
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Автор:  freedomoftunis [ Вторник 27.10.2015 , 03:33 ]
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Здравствуйте. Подскажите, что известно о нем. В последнее время метался между Москвой, Тунисом, Ливией и Алжиром. Теперь свалил в Дрезден и выдает себя за сирийского беженца. Полный набор альфонса прилагается. 32 года. женат на россиянке. хотя видимо, не только. у него дочь лиззи.

Hello, could you please to give me more inforematoin about this person.
He is from nefta, tozeur, Tunis. He is usually spend time not clear work in yasmine hammamet.
after he was marry in russ and apend time between russia moscow, libia , tunis and algeria.
without any clear work- only imitation of work.
now he was finded way to dresden, germany, by used him wife. now he tell he is from syria migrant need help. absolutlely standart alfonce and gigolo.
he is 32 years old.

who was have relations with him or any informalions about him?

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