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 Заголовок сообщения: Take care if you meet Mena Samer Mekeal (from Luxor)
 UNREAD_POST Добавлено: Понедельник 27.09.2010 , 20:21 
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Real name : Mena Samer Mekeal
Place of living : Luxor
Working place : on the M/S Monica Nile cruise boat between Luxor and Aswan
Age : uncertain, between 25 and 28 years old

I'm here to warn other women and girls against this man.
He is the cameraman of the Nile cruise boat where I spent my holidays in June.
He claims to be single and without an official egyptian girlfriend and he is very christian (copt). He also says that he has his own house in Luxor.
Always smiling, friendly, very kind, funny, dressed with style & modern and above all it's a very beautiful boy. The kind of guy who has all for him.
I fell in love for him at first sight and he said it was mutual. When I came back home, we stayed daily in contact by phone and internet. Despite the distance, he claimed that I was the only one in his heart, that I missed him and he waited impatiently for me to return to Luxor. And all those love words that a lover tells you and that you need to hear. But obviously, it was too good to be true.
Soon, lies and silences from his part said a lot about his honesty and intentions. He began to take its disances when I told him I couldn't afford to see him now (I am a student and it's not easy to plan a trip to Egypt when you must think first of all about your studies). Meanwhile I discovered that he had different profiles on Yahoo and other european "girlfriends" with whom he is in contact through Skype and Yahoo. For me the dream of the beautiful distant lover gave place to the reality of a simple liar and tourist's profiteer. Anyway, he is in contact with tourists all days of the year and has many opportunities. He never asked me for money, gifts or something else and doesn't seem interested by a visa or some papers to come in Europe.
So why ? His only motivation seems to be sex. Trying to take advantage of a girl who want to spend a few days of holidays in Luxor for him having a few nights of fun. Good deal, no ?
And I've read on different forums that for those Egyptian men who can't consume sex before marriage it's very handy. They have a "prostitute" girl (sorry for the bad word) for cheap at their service. A woman who comes to their home and that they don't need to pay. They merely provide accommodation, offering to eat... and take good time in bed !
And I think that's all my "habibi" wanted with me. I am just another victim, broken hearted.

His phone numbers : 0020xxxxxx260 and 0020xxxxxx910


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Список форумов » The English Corner * Английский уголок

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