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 Заголовок сообщения: Take care if you meet Khaled Abu El Seoud
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Name: Khaled Abu El Seoud

Work place: he was working as a General Manager in Grand Azur hotel, but... I met him in a shop with clothes in Pyramisa Blue Lagun Hotel.

he is born in 10 October 1957 in El Mahala El Kobra

His favorite place in promenade. He drives a dark blue Toyota car.

I’m often in Hurgada and met him in Grand Azur where he was the general manager. He didn’t impress me at all at first, and there was no reciprocity from my side. But Khaled didn’t give up conquering me and was coaxing for a whole year. He sent me flowers, made presents, gave me gold, and showered me with money. Finally he won my heart.

Our relations had then started. He introduced me to some of his friends and we spent every evening in a flat and drove to his office at grand azur. We also were together at his office in the hotel. He showed me his apartment at Moobarak 2 which was under repair and he told me that we will live there together once we marry.
It’s necessary to mention that he is an excellent lover; we spent many hours in private and met each other in his apartment which was opposite to Sea Gull hotel. Khaled was constantly speaking of how he loves me very much, wants to marry me, and dreams about a having baby boy. I told him that I would think about it. Later, I suddenly understood that I was pregnant. I was happy at first because I wanted to give birth to the baby. I was in my first month and suddenly learned that Khaled is already married to an Egyptian woman and they already have 2 girls of their own.
I demanded an explanation from him, but he got scared and disappeared for some time. After that, he appeared again and told that he would help me to find a doctor to have an abortion because I didn’t need a baby from such a scoundrel. Khaled told me I shouldn’t worry and he would find me a doctor and would bear all costs. But time flew and nobody found me a doctor nor did I receive the promised money to have an abortion.
Upon my return home, I had an abortion and Khaled didn’t help me at all. As a matter of fact he started hiding like the COWARD that he is. Our relations stopped, but rumors about him still came to my ears every now and again; mainly of the way he tries to get guests in his hotel. Khaled influences the managers coming to promotional tours from Germany, Russia, Ukraine, and other countries by having sex with them. Therefore he has new girlfriends every week. I shared my bitter experience with you because I want to warn others not to fall for his tricks.

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Список форумов » The English Corner * Английский уголок

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