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 Заголовок сообщения: About the wanted boards of Egypt, Turkey and Tunisie
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Dear visitors!
Wanted info boards of Kunstkamera are intended for inquiries about people in the resort destinations. While using them please follow these simple rules:

1. Before starting a new topic try searching via our search utility. There are tons of useful info on Kunstkamera, the person of interest could have been discussed already.

2. Put the name, location and occupation or hangout of the person in English in the topic subject. This is best understood by all categories of visitors and is better for searching. Topics with no name-location-occupation in the subject will be deleted on sight.

3. Only one person in a topic and only one topic per person is allowed. If you wrote a topic and there have been no answers for a long time, you can write a reply yourself to raise the topic up. Do not start a new topic on the same person it will be closed or deleted. Topics about two or more persons will be deleted without notice.

4. To translate to and fro use http://translation.paralink.com This is not the best of translators, though, try using simple phrases and be sure to check that back translation in the third box is ok.

5. Anonymous posting is allowed on the wanted boards. This raises the probability of misleading and deliberately false posts there. Please do not trust anything you read on the boards. The same applies to the entire site too, of course.

6. Sensitive info such as phone numbers, home addresses etc. will be edited out of the posts on sight. Offtopic discussions, spam, flood will be deleted without notice and violators warned/banned as needed.

Thank you for your understanding.

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Начать новую тему Эта тема закрыта, вы не можете редактировать и оставлять сообщения в ней.  [ 1 сообщение ] 

Список форумов » The English Corner * Английский уголок

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