Osama El Hadidi Dive centre photographer Hurgurdia
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Автор:  Daisy123 [ Понедельник 11.04.2016 , 23:34 ]
Заголовок сообщения:  Osama El Hadidi Dive centre photographer Hurgurdia

Hello All
I am writing to find out any information on Osama El Hadidi 32/33 worked (Feb 2016) in Hurgurdia Sunrise Marmuluk at Dive centre as Padi / dive instructor but mainly underwater photographer. From Alexanderia but living in Hurgurdia. Was married to a Russian girl - divorced 3 years ago ????? And had a child with her. He is kind to my friend and says the right things but mmmm I'm just not convinced. I think he is playing her - hope not but she's allowed me to post here to see if anyone has any info.
Thank you

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